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My Story

I am a mom of two small boys and if you are also a mom, you will know that having kids makes it difficult to find the time, energy, or motivation to do much for yourself. The boys became my entire focus especially during their first years. I loved this time with them, it went by so quickly and I felt lucky to have been able to stay at home with both for the first year after they were born. However, somewhere during the sleepless nights, endless feedings, playdates, and my full time job I got lost in the mix. I became unhappy, and could barely look at myself in the mirror. Unfortunately there are only a handful of pictures of me with my boys during their early years because I HATED the way I looked and felt. Then one day I simply made the decision that enough was enough. With the support of my husband I decided to find a personal trainer. I was lucky enough to find a trainer that welcomed me taking the boys to exercise, and the rest as they say is history. With time, support, and a lot of hard work I slowly changed my lifestyle, mindset, and gained the confidence I had lost after having babies.

During my journey to better health, I realized quickly that with the changes I was making in my diet and exercise, my entire body was responding in a positive way. Sure I was losing inches, however the biggest changes came from within. I was happier...I was happier because I felt better and I was doing something just for me. I quickly gave up using the scale as a measure of my success, and instead I felt successful when I hit my macros for the day, was not self conscience when swimming with my boys anymore, or simply had more energy. I had and still have amazing support and people who believe and encourage me to continue on this path, and to find my own passion in life. I feel lucky to have finally found it.

What I now know for sure is that I want all women and moms to feel the way I do, to change their perspective on eating and exercise, and to become more confident in their own bodies. This is why I made the decision to start Improve Nutrition. I want to help you find that confidence, and I want to be the support you need to be successful in your own journey. I'm so excited to start this with you!

Next Steps...

If you have any questions or if you want to book your initial assessment please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!