Losing Motivation….


Motivation...it's a fleeting thing at best. Something that may get us started, but may not always keep us going. We hear motivation used interchangeably with words like willpower, determination or drive. All of these are the same in a sense, giving us a strong push forward or lighting that proverbial fire to just get in that workout or meal prep for the week. We need motivation, but what do we do when it's gone? The answer is that you will need to build habits that you can fall back on when motivation fails.

Since starting this journey I have lost my motivation countless times. However, for me it wasn't long before I would find it again, and fall back into the habits I had been slowly building over time...it worked. Lately things have been a bit different...I've hit a wall. I have been unable to find my motivation as quick as before, unable to find that drive and zest I usually have for workouts and eating well. It feels like I am going through the motions and scrambling to find that determination to keep going that I usually have. So what happened?
If you follow me on social media or have read some of my other blogs, then you may know that I have struggled with my own weight loss and journey to better health. That despite doing all the "right' things my progress has been slow. That even after trying many combinations of calories and macros, talking to a naturopath, meeting with a dietician, getting a number of blood tests, and finally gaining more knowledge about nutrition and becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach....my physical progress was and is "abnormally" slow. So what kept me going? It was all the other progress I saw...the confidence, the energy, the new found strength, and the love of just doing it every single day. This was my focus and I put thoughts of weight loss in the back of my mind. This worked for me, this was simple because I was and am so happy and proud with how far I've come. But after almost 3 years of little to no significant weight loss (can you imagine), of trial and error with food and exercise...it became too much, and my motivation to try yet another combination of food, calories, and exercise all but disappeared.

Then I made a decision.....

After months of back and forth, I decided to ask my doctor about a drug that helps kickstart the body to lose fat. I won't go into details as to what it is, but it is something that my doctor and I decided to try for a few months. This was an UNBELIEVABLY hard decision and not one I took lightly. I am honestly still struggling with it and finding it difficult to be honest and open about it. I and my doctor don't believe in using a drug or a pill for weight loss...because it just doesn't work. What does work, is exercise and nutrition...that's it. Except for some reason in my case this was not working like it should despite all the hard work. So I am trying this, reluctantly, while still doing all the things I need to do to stay healthy and on track. I will keep you posted on how this goes.

Right now is when I am struggling the most. Right now is when I am second guessing whether I have made the right choices for myself in the last 3 years, or have I been missing something? It's a difficult place to be, but I do find there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Even though my drive and motivation are low, I find myself sill using the healthy habits I have developed and worked on over the last few years. That although I am not excited lately about workouts, I still find myself headed down the stairs to workout anyway, because that is just part of my day. The same is true for my nutrition. I am still adding protein to all my meals, and drinking tons of water...these and all the other habits that are now just part of my day. This is what keeps me going, this is what is keeping me on my path to better health.

Motivation is great, a necessity that can drive us, excite us, and help us reach our goals. However, it is our habits and consistency that will help us continue even when times get really hard, or something stops us in our tracks that makes us want to quit. This is one reason why quick fix and fad diets never work...you never develop a long lasting habit on a diet.

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