Measuring Progress Without the Scale

When was the last time you stepped on the scale? Do you use it daily to see if the bowl of ice cream from the night before had any adverse consequences? Do you use it weekly to track progress on your diet?

I used to step on the scale daily, early in the mornings after my shower. I had a whole routine centered around the scale actually and if I didn’t see the numbers move down, I would immediately feel like I failed the day before and vow to be even  more restrictive that day. Doesn’t sound very healthy does it?

Looking back I can’t believe that this was something I did for so many years. Using the scale as my ONLY gauge for measuring my progress or lack of progress. Fast forward to when I started with a trainer and her telling me to throw away my scale…LITERALLY. In her fitness group she challenged us to destroy our scales in the most destructive way possible…it was beautiful. And so started by slow “break up” with the scale. I would go months without stepping on, then would sneak a peak only to see that I was the same weight. I would be so upset and my trainer would have to talk me off the proverbial ledge, reminding me of ALL the progress I had made.

It took me a long time, but I am now pretty much free from the scale. I have learned over the last two years that even after workouts, tracking food, tweaking my diet, getting hormones checked, seeing a naturopath, a doctor, training as a nutrition coach….I am a bit of an anomaly.

What do I mean by “anomaly”?

Even after doing “all the things” that will work for most people, I have not lost weight. And yes, I track everything I eat, eat in a caloric deficit, and workout intensely 3 to 4 times a week….hence me being an anomaly. It is at times very frustrating and there are still days I feel defeated. However, I do not doubt that I will figure out my own “solution”. Until then I focus with the non-scale progress I have had and am still achieving.

So throw away that scale and try measuring/gauging your progress in these ways instead;

  1. Your measurements – When you start exercising and eating well, you will start to lose inches. Losing inches is great and significant progress that usually can’t be reflected on the scale. Measure at the start of your journey and weekly or bi-weekly from then on. Even if it is .25 inches total…that is progress, that is a win to be celebrated that will not show up on the scale.
  2. Increased Energy – With a good diet you will have the energy you need for your day. You will find you have less mid-afternoon crashes, and evenings where you can’t keep your eyes open past 9 pm. You may also find that you would rather take an evening walk or bicycle ride instead of lying on the coach even after an exhausting day.
  3. You’re happier and more confident – Getting that workout in or managing to stick to your nutrition plan for the day or entire week will give you a sense of accomplishment. Believe me, setting goals and crushing them will make you happy and give you confidence that you can in fact do what you set your mind to.
  4. You’re clothes are feeling a bit loose – The scale may not move, but your pants might not be so tight. Be aware of how you’re clothes are fitting after awhile….you may be surprised.
  5. You’re photos – I hated taking progress photos and it took me a long time to even look at the photos my trainer would take every couple of weeks. I now take progress photos all the time, because just like body measurements you will be able to see progress in your pictures before you see anything happen on the scale. SO…take those photos, it is one of the best ways to track progress.

Below you will see my own progress photos from last September to now. The number on the scale has not changed.

If you are interested in starting your own journey, I am starting to take a few clients for nutrition coaching!!! Spots will fill up quickly, so send me a message and let’s start the conversation and get on the road to better health!