_Having a Nutrition Coach is like having a tour guide to a place where you already live

One on one coaching

One on one coaching revolves around you and your goals. You and I will meet together to discuss nutrition, progress, successes, and everything in-between. For our sessions we will connect weekly or bi-weekly via a method of your choosing and that you are most comfortable with. This can be in-person, online (skype), phone call, text, or email. This program will run a minimum of 3 months.

As a one on one coaching client, you will receive;

  • Client centered coaching from a Precision Nutrition Certified L1 Coach
  • In depth and comprehensive initial assessment. This will allow me to provide the best possible nutrition plan and path forward that is personalized to your needs and goals.
  • Weekly/bi-weekly meetings
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • Monitoring and measuring of progress (energy, weight loss, measurements, decreased stressed, habits etc.)
  • Accountability and emotional support
  • Outcome based decision making (making choices based on known evidence of what is working)
  • Building of nutritional knowledge and skills
  • Lifelong and sustainable healthy habits
  • Continuous feedback and reassessment
  • Plus more....

If  you are ready to feel better, have more energy, and gain some of your confidence back, then connect with me and let's start the conversation! Look forward to hearing form you.

Facebook Group! (Coming soon)

I am currently developing a Facebook group for women that are looking for advice, guidance, and ideas when it comes to nutrition. This group will give you access to a nutrition coach (myself), and a support network of like minded women who want to look and feel better, get healthier, and share ideas. It will be a safe place to talk about ALL the stuff. This will also be a great place for individuals who have gone through 1:1 coaching with me and want to continue their journey and stay accountable in a group setting.

The Facebook Group will provide;

  • A network of likeminded individuals supporting one another
  • A PN certified coach available for questions and everything in between
  • Monthly nutrition themes
  • Monthly recipes
  • Habit of the month
  • Challenges
  • More to come....



feel amazing

The Reality....

I remember sitting in my doctors office being frustrated with all the work I had put into getting healthy. I was eating right and exercising regularly, but seeing little results.  I asked what else could I do and her answer was to refer me to a popular "diet" and do more cardio. I was devastated, if the doctor thought that a fad diet and cardio was the answer for me, I knew that she did not really know the solution for me. The truth is that this is not uncommon and that the reality is our doctors can only do so much for us as far as our nutrition and health. We only see our doctors for 10 minutes a couple times a year and we cannot expect them to help us as patients change our daily habits.

Enter the Nutrition Coach...

We can help bridge the gap between your doctors visit and your everyday life.  Many of us leave a doctor’s appointment scratching our heads still wondering how we’re going to sleep more, lose weight, or eat cleaner given our busy schedules, finances, and support system, or lack thereof. A nutrition coach works with you to determine the best way to integrate your physician’s recommendations into your plan, so you can lead a healthier life. Many doctors are now recommending nutrition and health coaches to give their patients a more holistic strategy to better health.

If you are struggling with how to get healthier you will want to consider having a nutrition coach to help you on your journey. If you have tried and failed before, like many of us have, you will know how difficult making major changes in your life can be. You will know that being accountable, setting and achieving your goals, and frankly knowing what to eat can be overwhelming and leave you feeling defeated.

This is where I come in, this is where you will have someone completely in your corner to support, guide, and hold you accountable to reach your own health and nutrition goals. You've got this, and I am so excited to support you along the way.

My Approach

I am a firm believer that slow and small changes over time will lead to sustainable results. Every individual is unique and therefore needs and deserves a plan and approach that is unique to them and their needs. Therefore, I do a complete assessment for all my clients which allows me to get a better and more in depth understanding of their overall health, eating habits, schedule and overall goals. It is so important to establish this starting point and foundation in order to develop the best possible plan for you.

I am currently offering one on one nutrition coaching. Please contact me by clicking the link below!!


Next Steps...

If you have any questions or if you want to book your initial assessment please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!