Where is your head?

Sounds like something you'd say to your kids right? Lol. Well it is something I say to mine while trying to stop the chaos, throwing of toys, or hitting one another. Our house is busy, loud and fun. As fun as it is, I do look forward to the days my boys are at daycare. It is on these days, that I can regroup, and clear my head a bit. It is during these times that I am able to get my mind right again, do something I enjoy, and plan for the week ahead. It is during these times that I know I am where I need to be, that I chose the right path and job, and that my mind is in the right place.

Maybe you are asking..."how do you know"? How do you know that you are doing the right "thing", that you are in the right mindset? The answer is most likely different for everyone, but for me it is based simply on how I feel now compared to how I felt when I started this journey. Before, I was stressed at work, angry even at some of the management decisions being made. My anxiety was pretty much uncontrollable, and little things, like if the kids missed bedtime by 30 minutes, would get me extremely worked up and anxious. I would find temporary happiness spending time with my kids and family, on vacations, camping, or even watching a good movie. However, like I said, it was temporary....work would always come on Monday or the routine for the boys would be "delayed, and the cycle would start again. Now, that has all changed. Now I feel happiness and joy most of the time, I am excited about the future of my business and helping people find their own health and joy. I can still get anxious, but I also now have tools to alleviate my anxiety. It's funny how powerful the words "does this really matter right now" or "will the consequence of this really be that great" can be when I find myself getting worried about something. So...this is how I know, I just feel better. For me it took a job change, hard work, support and most importantly a change in my mindset.

Many women and moms I've spoken with will talk to me about wanting to eat better and exercise more. In that same conversation they will then talk about the time they do not have, that it would be impossible to change their routines right now, that their husbands work away, that they would rather spend time doing x and so do not have time for a 20 minute workout, or that they are just too tired. I GET IT...I've been there and so instead waited for the right time, tried the quick fix, or just kept doing what I had always done. Well I'm here to tell you, that until you make the choice to start living a healthier lifestyle, until you make it a priority in your life then you will always do, what you have always done. What if I told you that ALL of these "excuses" are just a matter of switching your mindset? Now I know not everything here is an excuse, and that sometimes it is all just too much.  However, I also know that there is a way to eat better and get a workout in...I'm living proof of it.

Time...one of the most valuable things we have, and something us moms never have enough of. It is also what I hear about the most...I just don't have time to track my food, plan my meals, exercise...etc. Well yes, that's a lot of "stuff to take on", and I would never ask anyone to do these all at once. My question is how can we work around this?  Let's first just start by working on changing your mindset around time.


Here are a few tools you can try....


Accept that you need to adjust your thinking. Instead of a hard "no, I don't have time for anything else". Perhaps try to accept that there might be ways to get in that extra protein, or to do that run that would be beneficial and not a hindrance to you and your family. When you start thinking about things being a positive instead of a negative impact on you and even your family, then mindset can start to change. Remember a good coach will find something that works for you.

Understand your "Why". If you want to change the way you live and you want to be healthier, there will be a reason. Not a "I want to lose 20 lbs" reason necessarily, but something that will make a much bigger impact on your life. For me, my WHY was about wanting to keep up to my kids. I am an older mom so this is always on my mind. I was also so unhappy with how I looked and felt, that you will literally find maybe 5 photos of me with my Kids as babies. Sad right? I wanted to feel good about myself again, achieve something amazing with my body, and feel comfortable in my clothes.  Dig deep, choose your WHY and think about it when you don't have the time. Yes, that load of laundry can wait.

Start Small. Don't think that you will have to start by training at the gym a minimum of 3 to 4 days a week, or have to spend all day Sunday shopping and meal prepping...because 90% of people that start off like this, will fail. It is too big of an adjustment, and long term habits are just not formed this way. Starting small will have little impact on the time you have in the day, and that needs to be the goal. How small? How about 10 sit ups when you get up in the morning? Adding 1/2 cup of cottage cheese or plain greek yogurt to your breakfast? There are so many small things you can do to start that will fit in your day. And believe me...small steps will add up to big change.

So try some of these tips I've given you. Try to stop thinking in absolutes and instead start thinking of the possibilities. Write down your WHY...it helps, and think of one tiny thing you can start doing today. Signing up for my Free Moms Guide to Eating Well on the Go is also a small step you can take. It will give you information, plus you will also receive more useful information from me in regards to nutrition, setting goals, and everyday life with kids.

Now go...and let me know how you do!